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Aboli’s Journey  

Is produced by

The UN Association of Finland

The film will be available at the Online Cinema from 10.00 Monday 23 May to 23.00 Sunday 29 May 2022. >>

Aboli’s Journey, a documentary by Iranian-born Yasaman Sharifmanesh is the winner of Best Nordic Docmentary at the 2021 Nordisk Panorama film festival. The film provides us with a unique yet at the same time universal story of a young man’s journey into adulthood. Without official identity, 17-year-old Aboli is trying to find his place in a chaotic world lacking fundamental rights, humaneness and opportunities.   

Aboli’s Journey is the story of an Afghan refugee born in Iran who flees racial persecution to Europe. Aboli ends up in Sweden and, following a complex process, is taken in by a Swedish family who care for him. Eventually, however, his residence permit application is rejected. 

Aboli’s Journey starts when he is deported to Afghanistan, a country where he never lived before. Amidst daily suicide bombings, the remnants of war, poverty and chaos, we closely witness Aboli’s harrowing and rocky journey. Aboli has never had identity documents of his own. In order to prove his identity, he travels to some of his remaining family members in Jaghori in central Afghanistan, a highly volatile area controlled by the Taliban. When back from this hazardous trip, Aboli still faces many steep challenges. In the end, a simple telephone call changes everything. 

Sweden, 2021   
Yasaman Sharifmanesh 
Production Company: Ginestra Film
Language: Swedish    
Subtitles: Finnish 
Not for persons under 16
Length: 59 min  

The film will be available at the Online Cinema from 10.00 Monday 23 May to 23.00 Sunday 29 May 2022. Please note that access to viewing will only be provided until 500 people have watched the film. The film can only be viewed in Finland, which is why a separate sign-in is required for copyright reasons.  

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