In photo: Logo of Global Philanthropist of the year 2023

Global Philanthropist of the year 2023

Su 28.5.2023 13.00-13.10
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The Global Philanthropist of the Year 2023 Award highlights the work people do for a more fair and sustainable future. The recipient can be an activist, a volunteer who devotes their time to charity, an employee of an organization involved in development cooperation, a teacher or journalist dealing with global themes at work, a healthcare professional, an influencer in the cultural sector or an entrepreneur who invests in sustainability. Anyone can nominate someone for the award by completing this form.

The award recipient is chosen by a jury, which consists of journalist Paavo Teittinen, human rights activist Ujuni Ahmed, Finnwatch executive director Sonja Finer and president Tarja Halonen. The chairman of the jury is Anni Valtonen, editor-in-chief of Maailman Kuvalehti.

The recipient of the award will be announced at the World Village Festival Music Stage at 13.00 on Sunday 28 May. The top three will receive a diploma and the winner gets a €1,000 award.

Making the world a better place is mostly quiet work behind the scenes that doesn’t grab the headlines. With this award, we wish to honour and create visibility for those making a selfless effort for a more sustainable world.

Anni Valtonen, editor-in-chief of Maailman Kuvalehti

In an unstable world situation, we need warm-hearted and broad-minded creative people more than ever. In an interdependent world, the events are like dominoes. If one of them falls, the whole chain threatens to crash. We all need act to make a change.

Salla Peltonen, Fingo’s Communications Director