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Rebels with a cause

Sa 27.5.2023 19.25-19.55
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Rebels with a cause (2022) is a story about civil disobedience, the activist’s trauma and the role of the authorities as the protector of society in Finland that is said to be the world’s safest country. A short documentary directed by Miikka Poutiainen tells about Sanni (21), who engages in Extinction Rebellion (Elokapina) civil disobedience and has given up her job to save the world from a climate catastrophe, and quickwitted Eltti (18), who combines queer and environmental activism and uses it as fuel in their performances. Although Sanni and Eltti pursue the common good, the task of the activist is heavy, and neither the authorities nor all citizens seem to understand their good goals. 

The film has been selected for almost twenty festivals around the world. It has won, among other things, the best documentary award at the Lapua Art & Film Festival and the best short documentary award at the Kotka International Film Festival. At the Västerås Film Festival in Sweden, the film was selected among the three best Nordic short documentaries. 

Finland, 2022 
Miikka Poutiainen 
Production company: PinkAgency Productions 
Language: Finnish 
Subtitles: English
Not for persons under 7
Length: 30 mins 

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