In photo: A story session in mobile library
Photo: Maarit Hohteri

Richness of languages for all – multilingual children’s story sessions

Sa 27.5.2023 13.15-13.45
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Sa 27.5.2023 15.05-15.35
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Su 28.5.2023 13.15-13.45
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Su 28.5.2023 15.30-16.00
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Mobile Library Helsinki

Multilingual Library

The Multilingual Library and Helsinki Mobile Library will share a ride to World Village Festival, and children’s mobile library Stoori will be stacked with dozens of languages. The Mobile Library will organise Arabic and Chinese story sessions in the Kids’ Corner near mobile library Stoori on both festival days. The stories will be told by Helsinki City Library employees. 

Visit the mobile library to learn about the Multilingual Library’s activities, lounge around, read and also borrow books. 

Saturday 27 May 

13.15–13.45 story session in Arabic 

15.05–15.35 story session in Chinese 

Sunday 28 May 

13.15–13.45 story session in Arabic 

15.30–16.00 story session in Chinese