Picture: dancers in the 2017 festival.
Photo: Vilja Keskimäki

Street Art Area

Festival looking for performers for Street Art Area  

Is performing your passion? Does your group have an act ready for the stage or is your band’s new song ready to go live? To appear in the World Village Festival Street Art Area, application period starts 15 February and ends 14 April 2024.

The Street Art Area of World Village Festival is where creativity is free to flow. The stage is open for everyone, regardless of whether your thing is music, dance, circus, theatre, poetry, improvisation, Tai Chi demonstrations or any other performance. The festival is especially looking for street artists and amateur groups to perform in the Street Art Area. The maximum duration of an individual performance is 25 minutes. Any performance that is in good taste and safe is welcome – as long as the stage is big enough for you!  

The Street Art Area is located in the middle of the busy festival site. The stage is slightly elevated from the ground and 4 x 5 metres in size. There will be access to basic electric power supply on the stage, but the festival will not be able to provide any other technology or backline. You may bring your own portable sound system if you like. Please note, however, that there will not be any storage facilities for your instruments or other gear in the Street Art Area.  

The festival will not pay any monetary remuneration for Street Art Area performances, with performers participating on a voluntary basis. The performers will be responsible for arranging their own accident insurance cover.  

To apply for a performance slot in the Street Art Area, submit the form below on 14 April 2024 at the latest. You can change the language of the form by clicking the flag icon on top of the page. Act fast as there is only a limited number of performance slots available and applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis already before the deadline. Since World Village Festival is a family event, please take account of the fact that there will be people of all ages in the audience of your performance. Any performers under the age of 18 will need to be accompanied by a parent or other guardian. 

World Village Festival is a discrimination-free space and is committed to promoting the principles of equality, justice and non-discrimination. Everyone is welcome to the festival, and we do not accept any kind of discrimination or harassment. We require that performers also commit to these values.

The acts for the Street Art Area will be selected by 28 April and the programme will be published on the festival website in early May. The Street Art Area will be open from 11.00 to 21.00 on Saturday 25 and from 11.00 to 19.00 on Sunday 26 May 2024.