People in Tiivistämö's lämpiö.
Photo: Tanja Ryhänen

Content Cooperation

As a content partner, you will be involved in providing unique experiences and enjoyment for festivalgoers. Partnership may entail branding an area to reflect what you do, such as the Kids’ Corner, Garden Area, Backyard, Street Art Area or the lounge area near the main stage.

Partnership may also entail programme or art exhibition production, artist partnership or tastings and demonstrations of a new product. As a content partner, you will be included in festival communication and gain visibility at the festival site, in the festival magazine and on the festival website. To ask more about content partnership, contact

Draft map of the World Village Festival site (we reserve the right to make any changes). Areas specifically intended for content cooperation include the Lämpiö Terrace, Garden Area, Back Yard, Maneesi, Kids’ Corner and Street Art Area. Content cooperation setups are also possible for other parts of the festival site, such as close to the Music Stage.