People visiting an exhibitor stand at the sunny Market of Possibilities.
Photo: Camilla Hanhirova

For exhibitors and partners

World Village Festival is Finland’s leading event for global action for the whole family, an admission-free cultural festival, a food carnival and a trade fair for sustainable development. World Village showcases global challenges and solutions, increases people’s understanding and provides concrete ways to take action to create change. World Village brings people together, because only together we can change the world.

First organised in 1995, World Village Festival gathers around 50,000–70,000 people every year. The next festival will take place in Suvilahti, Helsinki, on 27–28 May 2023.

The sign-up for exhibitors is closed for 2023 festival, but you can still ask about the participation possibilities. Read more about the prices, advertising possibilities etc.

Exhibitors and food vendors shall receive a message confirming their participation to the e-mail address given in their registration by 30 March 2023.

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Why partner with the festival?

  • The festival is an excellent place to gain new members, attract volunteers or bolster their self-financing.
  • Authorities and other organisations can use the festival to get in touch with citizens as well as target groups that are harder to reach otherwise.
  • For companies, the festival provides an opportunity talk about their corporate responsibility efforts and to strengthen their image as a societal actor.
  • Media partners can reach tens of thousands of active citizens at the event and the communication around it.
  • Through festival communications you will be part of action throughout the spring.

Large and small tent stands

The festival offers many different sizes of space for your own exhibitor tent. Setups may also be tailored based on your needs. Please note that those with a tent space must take care of putting up their own tent and ensuring it is appropriately secured. Small tent stands are 9 m² – 18 m². Large tent stands are 36 m² – 90 m².

Small spaces may only be used by one exhibitor per space. Small space confirmations will be emailed to signed-up exhibitors on 31 March 2023 at the latest.

The prices of large spaces include logo visibility on the festival website, the name of the stand on the site map and access to the Magito networking space. Resale rights and shared setups of multiple actors are possible only for large spaces and always agreed upon separately. Please note that there is a limited number of spaces and that spaces are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Large spaces will be confirmed within two weeks from the sign-up date.

Table stands at the Market of Possibilities

World Village Festival will also feature a Market of Possibilities intended for smaller actors where it is easy for them to showcase their activities and activate festivalgoers for participation. The Market will be set up indoors in the Kattilahalli hall. These exhibitor spaces are table stands 2×2 m (4 m²) in size. Please note that, due to high demand, we cannot guarantee a place at the Market of Possibilities for all applicants and that priority will be given to Fingo Member Organisations. Those who cannot be provided with a place will be offered alternative ways of participating. Market of Possibilities stands may only be used by one exhibitor per stand. Stand confirmations will be emailed to signed-up exhibitors on 31 March 2023 at the latest.

Main partners

As a main partner of World Village Festival, you will be featured at Finland’s largest sustainable development event, playing a strong role in enabling the festival and in showcasing solutions relevant to the theme. Main partnership (4–6 partners) enables a broad range of content cooperation, and mutually beneficial bundles will implemented with main partners. In return for your contribution as a main partner, you will receive a special location for your stand, extensive visibility at the festival site and in festival communication and marketing, your own factual programme as well as other programme cooperation opportunities and many exclusive benefits.

Content partners

As a content partner, you will be involved in providing unique experiences and enjoyment for festivalgoers. Partnership may entail branding an area to reflect what you do, such as the Kids’ Corner, Garden Area, Backyard, Street Art Area or the lounge area near the main stage. Partnership may also entail programme or art exhibition production, artist partnership or tastings and demonstrations of a new product. As a content partner, you will be included in festival communication and gain visibility at the festival site, in the festival magazine and on the festival website.

To ask more about main partnership or content partnership, contact

Vendor spaces

Food vendor spaces

The festival offers tent spaces for food vendors as well as spaces for food trucks. Preparing and selling food is only allowed at these spaces. Please note that, due to high demand, we cannot guarantee a place for all applicants. Vegetarian food is favoured at the festival. Accepted food vendors will be notified of their selection on 31 March 2023 at the latest. Please note that food vendors are charged separately for electricity (see price list). Read more about being a food vendor at the festival.

Bazaar space

Bazaar spaces are intended for commercial craft vendors as well as vendors selling domestic or international design products. Space sizes are 2×2 m, 3×3 m and 4×4 m, with the tent to be supplied by the vendor. Only one vendor is allowed per bazaar space. Accepted bazaar vendors will be notified of their selection on 31 March 2023 at the latest.