Festival food.
Photo: Tanja Ryhänen.

Participate as food vendor

World Village Festival features a diverse selection of food that represents a variety of cultures. Besides the professional food vendors, several civil society organisations present their cultures and fund their operations by selling food at the festival.

The exhibitor sign-up for the festival 2025 starts in November.

If you wish, you can join our newsletter/mailing list and you get the information when the open call for the food vendor is open. You can sign up for the newsletter:  https://uutiskirje.maailmakylassa.fi

Food – an enduring festival favourite

Annually, approximately 60-80 vendors apply for a food stand at the festival. 50 of those applications are selected on the basis of quality and their fit with the festival’s profile and themes.


From spring 2024 onwards, the festival will have a vegetarian-only food policy. Each food vendor is committed to provide only vegetarian food, which means it will not be permitted to sell meat, poultry, or fish. Meals containing dairy products and eggs are allowed. Each food vendor is committed to provide at least one vegan food in their menu. We recommend food vendors to offer entirely vegetarian food.

We favour vegan, organic and local food

Environment and sustainable development are important factors for World Village Festival. This is also evident in the festival’s food selection. We favour food vendors that provide vegan, organic and local food. Each food vendor commits to provide at least one vegan option in their menu. The food vendor is committed to replace so-called “normal” products with Fair Trade products used in the preparation and sales of food wherever possible.

According to the 2017 visitor survey, almost a half of festival visitors choose organic and local food when possible.

Large and small dishes from different cuisines

The festival features food from all around the world. Our goal for the festival is to feature the largest possible variety of different foods. The festival visitors have wished for smaller, less expensive dishes along with larger dishes, so they could experience a variety of flavours.

Food vendor spaces

You may apply for a 4 x 4 m (16 m²) space for a tent or food truck. Food vendors must bring their own tent and order the required tables, chairs and electricity through the online exhibitor registration form.

Beverage and café product vendor spaces

You can also apply a separate beverage and café product vendor space at the festival. That is where you can sell non-alcoholic beverages, café products not prepared on the festival site, sweets, ice cream and pre-packaged food products. The spaces are available for a vendor tent, cart or trailer. Please note that it will not be permitted to prepare food in these spaces.

Please read more about our vendor spaces in the Price List 2024

Staff food vendor

We provide a hot meal to festival staff and performers at the food stalls selected by the festival. If you want to serve staff food at the festival, please enter your organisation’s business-ID on the registration form.

Registering does not automatically make you a staff food vendor. All applicants will be contacted one month prior to the event at the latest. Selected vendors need to deliver the collected vouchers as well as the corresponding invoice to Fingo after the event.