Two people hugging.
Photo: Camilla Hanhirova

Discrimination-free festival

World Village Festival is a discrimination-free space and is committed to promoting the principles of equality, justice and non-discrimination. The requirements of equal treatment and non-discrimination are based on the Gender Equality Act, the Non-Discrimination Act and the Occupational Safety and Health Act. The obligations and rights laid down in these Acts apply to all those participating in World Village Festival.

We will not tolerate racism, ageism, sexism, transphobia, ableism, classism or body comments. We will not make assumptions about people’s identity, gender, sexual orientation, background, body or experiences – and we will not ask questions about these, either. Everyone can reveal whatever they regard necessary or meaningful about themself.

We will not use offensive or oppressive language. We will treat each other respectfully and equally and respect each other’s boundaries. We will seek active awareness of our own prejudices and privileges and will respond to constructive criticism in an appropriate manner and by rectifying our conduct.

We are not perfect and at times we may fail. We will encourage each other to assume responsibility for our words, actions and failures.

When participating in the festival or discussions in the festival’s communication channels, please remember the following guidelines:

  • Respect people’s right of self-determination, pay attention to your word choices and remember that people and their experiences of the world are diverse.
  • Talk with people without any down-talking – not everyone has the same opportunities to access information about various topics. If someone disagrees with you, listen to them and, before taking a defensive stance, consider your own views and reflect on whose voice and knowledge you are speaking with. Mistakes are allowed and they make us human.
  • Create space when opening up debate, always allowing others to comment and to disagree.
  • Be open – an open-minded approach to new topics and people allows you to learn new things, too.
  • Do not make assumptions about your discussion partners, their competences or understanding on the basis of their appearance or characteristics.
  • Do not spread stereotypes, assumptions or offensive or harassing references to people or groups of people.
  • Always avoid name-calling, bullying and harassing language.

If you fail to comply with these principles, you may be removed from the festival or its communication channels.