Illustration of the festival area in Suvilahti.
Illustration: Julia Tavast.

Price list

World Village Festival is Finland’s largest sustainable development fair event where hundreds of exhibitors showcase their activities, values or products as exhibitors or partners or as advertisers in the festival magazine or on-screen at the festival site. The exhibitor sign-up for the festival 2024 has ended.

Advertising possibilities

Festival magazine

World Village Festival magazine will be published in May with a large distribution of 98 000 copies. The magazine is a tabloid-sized (280 x 400 mm) publication with 16–20 pages. Programme partners and exhibitors will receive a 40% discount on advertising space. The prices are for ready-produced advertising material.

Festival screen ad

Your video ad may consist of still or moving images. It may feature a commercial message or some other activating element. The screens will be placed in high-visibility locations at the festival site throughout the festival weekend. Programme partners and exhibitors will receive a 40% discount on advertising space. Video ads will be screened without sound. The prices are for ready-produced advertising material.

You can book the advertisement at the same time when signing up as an exhibitor or food vendor (links above). If you only book the advertisement space, use the form here:

Terms and Conditions

Map & Price list

Check out the preliminary festival map for planning.

See the price list for the different sizes of vendor spaces, exhibitor spaces, electricity, furniture as well as festival magazine and on-screen advertising space. Exhibitor spaces are available for civil society organisations (CSOs) at a special price, and Fingo Member Organisations will receive an additional discount on food vendor spaces and on table stands at the Market of Possibilities. Exhibitors and programme partners will receive a 40% discount also on advertising space.

Download the text-format MK2024-pricelist.docx.

How to join the festival?

More information about participation opportunities and the festival can be found on the following web pages: For exhibitors and partners, Programme cooperation, Content cooperation, Participate as food vendor and Information. Get to know the festival: