A painting style picture of a brown calf in front of a blue sky.
Photo: Sylvia Hakari, photo created with AI.

Be brave and feel!

Sa 25.5.2024 11.00-19.00
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Su 26.5.2024 11.00-19.00
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Mauno the Calf dares! In the barn tent’s functional story rooms, you will get to know the exciting adventures of the Mauno the Calf – and you get to dare yourself! Songs of courage are improvised in the music workshops. Between workshops, you can try all kinds of exciting things together with the Mauno the Calf. Workshops and action points deal broadly with children’s rights, anti-racism and environmental education – courage to get to know, feel and connect with others without fear.

The 20-minute story sessions will be organised nonstop in Finnish at 12.00–12.20, 16.00–16.20, 18.00–18.20 and in English at 14.20–14.40.

The music sessions will be organised multilingually at 13.20–13.40, 15.00–15.20, 17.00–17.20.

The Nonstop workshops will be organised multilingually at 11.00–12.00, 12.20–13.00, 13.40–14.00, 14.40–15, 15.20–16.00, 16.20–17.00, 17.20–18, 18.20–19.00. The duration of the workshops is 20 minutes and can be attended by 25 people at once. Nonstop workshops can be attended by 10 people at once.  

The workshops will be led by teachers and students from the Security and Emotional Skills by Storytelling programme of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences funded by Finnish National Agency for Education.

The programme is recommended for children aged 3–11. Please note that participants must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during the workshop. To register, visit the Metropolia tent in the Kids’ Corner.