Yellow colored paintings with writing.
Photo: Aalto-yliopisto Junior.

Encouragement cards workshop

Sa 25.5.2024 11.00-19.00
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Su 26.5.2024 11.00-19.00
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Aalto University Junior

There are times when all of us need a word or sign of encouragement to dare to do something that is unfamiliar or new to us. Encouragement is needed in situations where we feel uncertain or even afraid. In what kinds of situations would you hope to receive encouragement?

Aalto University’s Junior Workshops set in motion a chain of encouragement and create encouraging messages to unknown people. Everyone writing or drawing a message will also receive a message. The message is painted with an invisible baking soda solution, and the recipient paints the message visible with a turmeric mixture. A chemical reaction takes place where alkaline baking soda reacts with turmeric, a natural acid-base indicator. The outcome is colourful encouragement cards bringing joy to festivalgoers.

The workshop is suitable for all ages and can be taken part in Finnish and English. The workshop will be organised at the Aalto University tent in the Kids’ Corner.