Graphic image of Kattilahalli building.

CORE Forum


The CORE Forum is a national forum for cooperation of religions in Finland. At our booth you can get to know our activities and people from different religions.

The National Forum for Cooperation of Religions in Finland (CORE Forum) brings together six religions: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, the Latter-day Saints, Buddhism and Hinduism.

The CORE Forum’s mission is to foster peace in society by promoting interfaith dialogue, cooperation and mutual respect. Our key values include equality and freedom of religion. The right to practice and manifest religion and the assertion of the equality of religions are also founding principles in a democratic society.

Despite their differences, all religions are united by their core values of peace, understanding and responsibility. These values also guide the CORE Forum’s operations. The CORE Forum is a member of the Religions for Peace network and thus also a link in a worldwide movement to promote interfaith dialogue.

The CORE Forum cooperates with the public authorities, acts as an expert in religious matters, participates in social dialogue and organises various events. In all our work, we promote the visible role of religion in everyday life and the visibility of religious representatives as active social participants.

At the World Village festival you are welcome to come and chat with people from various religions and get to know our activities.