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Finnish Red Cross Blood Service


Come and ask how you can help. You can also give a blood sample in our Blood donation bus and we will find out your blood type. We create potential for saving lives. Come and ask us about blood donation and Stem Cell Registry.

Finnish Red Cross Blood Service creates potential for saving lives. The aim of our operations is always the well-being of patients. We help our clients – healthcare professionals – to succeed in the treatment of patients., The Finnish Red Cross Blood Service is the nationwide blood service provider in Finland. Our services comprise recruiting blood donors, organising blood donation, collecting blood and testing the donated blood. We use the donated blood to make cellular blood products which we then deliver to hospitals for use in treating patients. We also operate a Stem Cell Registry.

A highly professional and effective organisation, excellent donor relations and co-operation with health-care staff and regulatory authorities ensures the success in achieving our goals. Together we create potential to enhance patients’ quality of life and to save lives.