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Haapasalon Hatsapuri


Hatsapuri, a Georgian cheese bread, combines salty sulguni cheese with sweet wheat dough. Ville Haapasalo’s business has been selling this delicacy since 2020.

Delicious Georgian cheese bread, known as Hatsapuri, is simply the best! We offer a variety of traditional cheese Hatsapuris as well as vegetable Hatsapuris and gluten-free versions. A large Hatsapuri is perfect for satisfying a big appetite or sharing with a friend. With small Hatsapuris, you can easily try out new favorites.

Hatsapuri is a Georgian national dish with millennia-old traditions. It consists of about half Georgian rich and salty sulguni cheese and half sweetish, slightly sour milk-baked wheat dough. You don’t want to miss this culinary experience!