A graphic image of a person eating from a bowl.

Herkkä Snacks


At the Herkkä Snacks point, you can taste our latest innovation called Tofunkaltainen!

Tofunkaltainen (Tofu-like) is also known from the Finnish Tv-format called Suomalainen menestysresepti! Tofu-like, made entirely from finnish ingredients, can now be found in S group stores throughout the country. Tofu-like is made from high-quality Finnish fava beans without soy and it not only promises deliciousness, but delivers it with every bite.

The tofu-like Naturel is an unseasoned version that you can season from beginning to end according to your own taste. We wanted to make the seasoned version completely exceptional in terms of flavor profile, and simply marinating the surface was not enough for us. The tofu-like Garlic & Herbs is seasoned throughout and you can prepare it as is without additional seasoning!

Let Tofukaltainen take you on new taste adventures that will stay in your mind. It’s the promise of a high-quality, natural and perfectly seasoned protein-rich product that will change your mealtime!