Ramithawi performing.
Photo: Alex Ramírez.

Maailman Kuvalehti magazine pre-festival club: Susani Mahadura and Ramithawi

Th 23.5.2024 19.00-22.00
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Maailman Kuvalehti

The Maailman Kuvalehti magazine pre-festival club will feature journalist Susani Mahadura and Venezuelan/Syrian singer-songwriter Ramithawi. The pre-festival club will celebrate the latest issue of the Maailman Kuvalehti magazine, which is themed on power.

The evening starts with an interview with journalist Susani Mahadura. Her new podcast, Burnout, has attracted a lot of listeners and inspired debate this year. Mahadura will be interviewed by Maailman Kuvalehti Editor in Chief Anni Valtonen.

The stage will also be taken by Venezuelan/Syrian singer-songwriter Ramithawi. Based in Helsinki and Tbilisi, Ramithawi makes music fusing Latin American folk, Middle Eastern elements and punk. Together with percussionist Jani Lehtioksa and double bassist Javi Sánchez, Ramithawi will perform a beautiful and organic set of songs about home, war, hate and love. The songs will feature Spanish, Arabic, Finnish as well as English. Ramithawi breaks language boundaries to gain a deeper connection with his listeners beyond nationalities and differences in backgrounds.

Before his performance, Ramitawi will talk to Anni Valtonen about his path in life and what lies behind his lyrics.

Free admission. The latest issue of the magazine as well as an exceptional subscription offer will be available at the club.

19.30 Interview with Susani Mahadura
20.00 Interview with Ramithawi
21.00 Ramithawi concert

Tanner, Hämeentie 11, 00530 Helsinki
Age 18+, free admission