A scene from the movie.
Photo: Hannu Käki.

Passu documentary

Su 26.5.2024 18.10-19.00
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Passu (2024) is a documentary, that follows the life of Passu, Pazilaiti Simayijiangi, an 18-year-old Uyghur living in Helsinki. Passu finds herself at the crossroads of multiple identities, grappling with the challenges of being a Uyghur activist, engaging in politics, and the search for a place to study.

Passu’s activism reveals the harsh realities facing the Uyghur community worldwide.  As she works tirelessly to raise awareness, she must also contend with growing expectations and pressures.

The documentary is both a portrait of a remarkable young person and an exploration of the struggle to find identity and meaning.

Language: Finnish and Uyghur
Subtitles: English
Age rating: 7

Directors: Jussi Lehtomäki, Mete Sasioglu
Cinematography: Hannu Käki 
Editor: Sandra Itäinen
Sound Designer: Jyri Pirinen
Producer: Mete Sasioglu
Production company: Sons of Lumière