Two thai dancers.
Photo: David Vinot.

Thai dance performance: Khon and Dance of the Four Regions

Sa 25.5.2024 13.00-13.20
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Sa 25.5.2024 14.00-14.20
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Su 26.5.2024 13.00-13.20
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Baan Thai Finland

Baan Thai Finland will be performing two shows at World Village Festival: Khon and Dance of the Four Regions.

Khon is a masked-dance drama based on the stories of Ramakien, the national epic of Thailand. The show will tell a story of Rama, his brother Lakshmana, and a monkey-army, who are in a war with a titan named Ravana. The battle-depicting show has masks, and dance moves with great finesse.

The Dance of the Four Regions will present unique portrayals of identity through dance. Styles will be seen from the North, the Northeast, the Central and the South. Each region has its own and unique movements to show joy, meticulousness and lifestyles through the music and dance.

The performance is suitable for all ages, and it will be held in the asphalt area at Kids’ Corner.

Baan Thai Finland will hold performances also in Street Art Area. More information can be found on the Street Art Area page.