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Photo: Martiina Woodson.

YMCA Peace & Sport

Sa 25.5.2024 11.00-21.00
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Su 26.5.2024 11.00-19.00
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YMCA Finland

YMCA Peace & Sport offers activities and experiences to all festivalgoers and especially young people. The area will feature energetic entertainment with street soccer, Amazing Race -competition, and games. the younger festivalgoers can enjoy baby football, face painting and getting their hair braided!

The programme also contains a Let’s paint together -painting workshop by artist Maku Dakar. The musical backdrop to YMCA Peace & Sport will be provided by their very own DJ! 

In addition, the YMCA Peace & Sport area offers various activities and fun games that you can join at any time! The youth of the YMCA Peacemakers network organize, for example, a quiz about equality in the world of sports, sustainable development themed Mölkky and Bingo, and a recycling game that tests visitors’ recycling skills. In addition, festival guests can join in building a joint Vision Board for a better future. There is also a Photobooth in the area, where you can capture your festival experience. Helsinki YMCA Yökoris organises street soccer in the area throughout the festival, and the Yökoris’ DJ is responsible for the atmosphere of the area and also accepts song requests from festival-goers.

Welcome to the YMCA Peace & Sport area to play, hang out and learn about building a more sustainable world!

The area will be brought to you by YMCA Finland, Helsinki YMCA Yökoris / Midnight Basketball and the YMCA Peacemakers youth. The schedule for the workshops and other programmes will be published later. You can take part in the activities in Finnish and English. YMCA Peace & Sport will be located on the Action Field near the festival entrance on the Redi side.

YMCA Peace & Sport -schedule:

Saturday 25.5.

13–14 Face painting, glitter and hair braiding: YMCA Peacemakers youth from Tampere and Helsinki will do face painting and hair braiding for the festival guests. The face paints are ecological and the glitter is of course biodegradable!

14–15 Baby soccer for the little ones: Helsinki YMCA Yökoris opens its court to the smallest players in the family, so that even the youngest festival guests can join the fun.

15–16 Face painting and glitter

16–17 Freestyling for Peace: Rapper Transsi Kela collects words given to him by festival guests and freestyles about peace and a sustainable future.

17–18 Amazing Race: Join the Amazing Race and discover the World Village festival area. Participants have a chance to win amazing prices!

17–18 Face painting and glitter

18–19 Amazing Race

18–19 Face painting and glitter

Sunday 26.5.

12–13 Baby soccer for the little ones

12–13 Painting workshop

13–14 Painting workshop            

14–15 Freestyling for Peace

15–16 Amazing Race

16–17 Amazing Race

16–17 Face painting and glitter

17–18 Face painting and glitter