Graphic image of Kattilahalli building.

Bahá’í Community of Finland


The Bahá’í Community of Finland welcomes people from all backgrounds to learn together about achieving spiritual and social transformation. In the Bahá’í writings, attaining world peace and unity is humanity’s primary goal. World peace is an inevitable step within reach of humanity troubled by wars and injustices. Achieving it, however, requires commitment and courage.

Bahá’ís, and those collaborating with them, sincerely strive to learn how to apply the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh to the needs of society. We are learning how to build vibrant, outward-looking communities, how to bring about spiritual and material progress, and how to participate in the discourses that influence the direction of this development. Through these learning processes, a global and cohesive spiritual initiative emerges, in which everyone is welcome to participate.

The activities of the Bahá’í Community, both in Finland and worldwide, are open to all. At the grassroots level, the idea of the unity of humanity is realized through activities, such as neighborhood children’s classes, junior youth groups, study circles, and devotional gatherings. Come and learn more about these and other activities!