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Emmaus is an international solidarity movement whose activities are based on volunteer-run flea markets. At the stand, you can find out more about the Emmaus movement and volunteer work, as well as buy flea market goods.

Religiously and politically independent, Emmaus Helsinki belongs to the international Emmaus movement. Work is mainly done by volunteers and our activities are financed by selling donated used goods.

These operations enable us to give support to grassroots actors working to build a better future, e.g. In Peru and Nepal.

In Finland, we provide help through organizations that support the homeless, immigrants and those without documents.

We offer supported jobs and rehabilitative work activities for those who find it difficult to find employment. We are also involved in employing the mobile population.

Emmaus welcomes you as a customer, donor or volunteer. Come and promote recycling and responsible consumption with us, reduce mountains of waste and support those in need.