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Finnish Peacekeepers – Helsinki Region


We present crisis management veteran activities such as member events, training, and peer support. Experiences from operations. Possibility for membership.

Finnish Peacekeepers – Helsinki Region is an active training and veteran organisation for crisis management veterans in Helsinki. We are a member association of the Peacekeepers’ Association Finland. We bring together all Finns who have served in peacekeeping, military, orcivilian crisis management missions, regardless of their rank, age, or gender.

Our regional association was founded in 1969 and it has about 600 members. On the second Tuesday of each month we organise a member evening where we can meet and hear interesting presentations. The International Day of UN Peacekeepers on 29 Mayand UN Day on 24 October are important annual events. We honour both the UN and our national militarytraditions with guards of honour and wreath-laying, among other things.

We take part in numerous events, training, shootingand other activities, and organise excursions and visits. Peer support is a priority focus of our activities. You can mirror your own service experience in crisis situations by listening to the experiences of others, and vice versa. Peacekeepers’ Association Finland isa veterans’ organisation and expert body in crisis management that is acknowledged by society, plays a nationally significant role, and takes care of its own.

The association particularly influences the development of benefits for crisis management veterans. Its further task is to follow the terms and conditions of the employment relationships of peacekeepers
on duty, and draw up proposals for developing them as necessary. The association also contributes to general peace education.

The association is acknowledged and independent national defence organisation. It participates in voluntary national defence work and the operations of the National Defence Training Association of Finland at all levels, together with other national defence organisationsand actors.

In voluntary national defence, the association is focused on supporting the Finnish Defence Forcesand other securityauthorities in utilisingcrisis management experience in national defence and overall security. We collaborate with associations for veterans who fought in wars involving Finland.

We represent all Finnish veterans and their traditions in the World Veterans Federation. The association also seeks benefits for crisis management veteran card holders and maintains a list of these.