Graphic image with white tents and people.

Funky Amigos


Funky Amigos is a registered non-profit grassroots cultural organization, which produces multicultural events, activities as well as other artistic content.

Everything in the association is basically based on few active people, who receive help from many volunteers or project-based employees assigned specifically for each event or project according to the needs. Together we are a priceless cultural asset. Hear more at the stand and check out our funky fan gear!

We promote and uphold the status and conspicuousness of funky, mostly organic rhythm music and its artists as well as cultural diversity and tolerance in Finland. Our Funky Finland project develops professionalism in the field and supports artists entering the global international music market. Non-violent and constructive interaction, sustainable development and wellbeing of people are all important to us. We organize and offer activities, such as workshops, which can be attended by people of different age and cultural or ethnical background.

You might had heard or visited our events, such as the annual Elephantasy – Funky Family Picnic in Alppipuisto, the collaborationally produced Puhos Loves People and legendary Funky Elephant Festival, which has been on a break since 2018.

Meet us at the stand, where you can also check out our funky fan products or join us as an support member of Funky Amigos!