A graphic image of a person eating from a bowl.

Nigerian vegan and vegetarian food


Popularly known from “Villen keittio” We will serve vegan food and other vegetarian foods. Special coconut bread will be served with the food. Three different self made exotic drinks will be available, well chilled and cold. For dessert, we serve puff puff buns and chin chin biscuits.

Oby’s kitchen prepares all the food from fresh ingredients.
The menu includes:
Cabbage pancakes ( Veg, M,G)
Coconut vegetable jollof rice(Veg, G,M)
Black eyed beans stew (Veg,G,M)
Coconut bread(Veg,M)
Ginger juice
Zobo juice
Mango juice
Puff puffbuns
Chin chin biscuit

We received special certificate from Evira for making Ginger drink and hibiscus flower drink.We have sold the drinks in City Market Leppävaara Espoo.