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Taide & rela


My original art: paintings with spirit animals, plywood jewellery and plywood trays with prints of the paintigs. Art posters and unique monotype-prints,hand made stonebead malas. All my own, original production.

Taide & rela is a one-woman art and well-being business based in the Finnish countryside.

The art-part of the business includes Spirit- Animal themed paintings, which are created based on digital designs made for the “Wild Wisdom”- Spirit Animal cards. (The texts in these are in finnish) The Spirit- Animal card deck is also my own design, each combining a message depicting the nature of the animal. The cards are printed in Finland.

The final spirit- animal painting, done on a plywood base, is a fusion of traditional acrylic painting, digital painting, digital image processing, and photography. The paintings are ready to be hung, and in addition to the signature, I have also written the message of each animal on the back of the painting.

I also offer plywood jewelry made based on the Spirit-animal paintings:
The jewelry is handcrafted in Finland, within my own business. The birch plywood used in the jewelry is certified Finnish wood. The wooden parts of the jewelry are both printed and laser-cut in Finland. Certification of the wood parts means that the handling and care of the forests in production are economically, ecologically, and socially sustainable, aiming to preserve biodiversity for future generations.

Wooden trays with printed images of the same paintings are also entirely made in Finland, using certified Finnish birch plywood.

Stonebead malas are handmade in my own business. The monotypes, like the power animal paintings, are my own artistic production.