Kuvassa kaksi lasta istumassa Katutaidepisteen lavalla, katsomassa Kaisaniemen suihkulähteelle päin.
Kuva: Anna Abbing

Future is the theme for the 2021 festival

World Village Festival will be held 29–30 May 2021 in Suvilahti, Helsinki. The festival focuses on what lies ahead with the future as its main theme. The theme will be present especially in the festival’s factual programme.

“We are currently living very critical times regarding Earth’s carrying capacity and human well-being. That is why it is crucial to look towards the future and understand the consequences of our current actions,” explains Salla Peltonen, communications manager for the festival’s main organiser, Fingo.   

World Village Festival wants to draw attention to the fact that it is still possible to make an impact on the future. For example, limiting global warming to 1,5 degrees is still possible.  

“It is important to understand what the future will look like if we succeed in solving the challenges humanity is currently facing and what will happen if we fail.  It is our responsibility to create hope for the future,” Peltonen continues.  

Seeking a sustainable future 

Sustainable development concerns every facet of our lives – the environment, safety, equality food security. The future is sustainable only when it is sustainable for everyone.  

The Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations – also known as Agenda 2030 – play a big role.   

“The governments of the world have committed to Agenda 2030, but the commitments have not translated into concrete actions with enough vigour or pace,” says Fingo’s Executive Director Juha-Erkki Mäntyniemi.    

In a report published in September, a UN-appointed research group concluded that progress in pursuing the Sustainable Development Goals has been slow. If the goals are to be met by 2030, countries need to put in more effort. 

Individuals can make an impact  

Everyone can make an impact to the future for example by voting, expressing their opinions or by participating in civil society action. Finland’s role as part of the global world is also important.   

“Finland must reach the Sustainable Development Goals for its own part. There is still a lot to do in that department. As a welfare state, we must carry global responsibility and work to tear down walls in collaboration with other actors in order to improve development cooperation. It is crucial to create a credible financial road map for sustainable development. For Finland, it is both a strategic and a human investment into the future,” Mäntyniemi stresses.  
“Finland must also improve in assessing the consequences of our actions cause beyond our borders. How does our consumption affect the world? Finland has a chance to be the forerunner in sustainable development and wellbeing in Europe and the whole world. This, however, requires concrete action!” 

Next spring, World Village Festival will delve into these and many other future-related topics. 

The festival will start searching for future-themed programme suggestions in October. Exhibitor registration begins in November.   

The text has been modified from 2020 festival’s theme announcement. World Village 2020 was cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Text: Noora Isomäki