Kuva: Tanssityöpaja Maailma kylässä -festivaalilla 2018aurinkoisessa säässä. Edessä kaksi ihmistä, taustalla joukko muita tanssijoita
Kuva: Kati Ilomäki

Submit your cultural programme proposal by 17 January

In addition to a wide range of concerts and factual programme events, next spring’s World Village Festival has room for much more in its cultural offering. Proposals for the cultural programme may be submitted until 17 January 2020.

Next year, the festival will be held 23–24 May with a focus on the future. We are especially keen on seeing proposals related to this theme, but there is space for other ideas as well. The festival welcomes and hopes for a diverse collection of partners.

‘Over the years, we’ve collaborated on the festival programme with NGOs, dance schools, film festivals and a variety of educational institutions’, says Programme Manager Johanna Eurakoski.

Taking part in the World Village Festival programme is easy, as the festival will provide the venue and handle programme communications. Producing an event for the festival programme will introduce your organisation to new contacts, and you can invite your own stakeholders to take part as well.

Documentaries, workshops and activities for all ages

For example, the festival is looking for documentaries on current global issues that can be accompanied by discussions or interviews.

‘The best-case scenario is to have people featured in the documentary or the filmmaker join us at the festival. It adds depth and engagement to the discussion and takes it to a whole new level’, Eurakoski says.

The festival is interested in offering more shared activities than before. Different kinds of workshops, especially dance workshops, are very welcome.

‘Dancing brings people together, regardless of their backgrounds. Next year, we want to offer more dance workshops, both for adults and for families.’

You can also take part in building the children’s programme offered at Kids’ Corner. Dance and theatre performances, readings of children’s stories and small musical performances. The area will also include a workshop tent suited for many types of activities.

Proposals for documentaries, children’s programme events and e.g. various workshops can be submitted until 17 January 2020. Read more and submit your proposal.