Picture of World Village volunteers.
Photo: Kristiina Eronen

World Village Festival seeks volunteers

Are you interested in learning about event production, meeting new people and participating in the organisation of a unique and major sustainable development event? The application period for World Village Festival volunteers begins on 2 March and ends on 5 May.

As a volunteer you are part of a crew without which World Village Festival could not be held. You will also get a peek behind the festival’s curtain and gain practical work experience in event production. Many festival volunteers end up working for the festival as interns or otherwise at a later point as well.

– My experience of volunteering in the cultural field began roughly twelve years ago, and little by little it led to a career in event production, says Aleksi Lantz, who works as the volunteer coordinator of World Village Festival.

– The most important parts of volunteer work are the collaborative atmosphere and the ability to help make cool things happen with one’s own efforts.

Volunteering at World Village Festival

World Village Festival provides its volunteers with meals or meal tickets for day of work, both before and during the festival, when volunteers will also be able to enjoy the products of the excellent and popular line-up of food vendors. During the festival, volunteers can also take advantage of their own break room, where they can rest, eat and catch up with fellow volunteers. Small product packages from the festival’s partners will also be raffled among volunteers.

Every volunteer will also receive a festival t-shirt, free admission to the festival’s afterparty events as well as a written recommendation anyone who wants one. Many educational institutions also award study credits for volunteer work. Finally, all festival workers and volunteers get together one last time in June to celebrate the year’s work in making the festival happen.

Volunteers fulfil many important duties at the festival, including tasks related to cooking, cleaning, recycling instruction, area construction, decorations and signs as well as guiding festival visitors at information points. You may choose your preference from available tasks or sign up for any work that needs doing.