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Global Philanthropist of the Year 2024

Su 26.5.2024 13.15-13.25
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The Global Philanthropist of the Year award highlights work done in Finland towards a fairer and more sustainable future. The recipient could be a citizen activist, a volunteer dedicated to charity work, a teacher or journalist addressing global issues, a healthcare professional, a culture influencer, or a socially responsible entrepreneur. The essential aspect is that the recipient is working in Finland, contributing to the development of Finnish society.

Nominations can be made by anyone until the end of April. The award recipient will be chosen in April–May by a jury consisting of Miia Nuikka, the Executive Director of Solidaarisuus; Markus Raivio, a mental health advocate; and Pasi Toivonen, Yle’s correspondent in Africa. The jury is chaired by Anni Valtonen, the editor-in-chief of Maailman Kuvalehti magazine.

The award will be presented at the World Village Festival Music Stage at at 13.15 on Sunday 26 May. The top three will be awarded with diplomas, and the winner will receive a prize of €1,000.

Nominations can be made by anyone until 30.4.2024 via this form.