A woman in a dark cape in front of a red background.
Emel. Photo: Amber Gray.


Su 26.5.2024 15.30-16.30
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Known for her experimental style, Emel’s music is a mix of Arabic traditions, Western influences as well as electronic and classical styles. She has done extensive musical collaborations for human rights, hope, and empowerment around the world.

Originally from Tunisia Emel is a woman of the world: Arab, French, and now American. After facing some censorship in her native country, she has chosen to live in America, touring worldwide as a great voice of the contemporary Arabic culture.

My voice has no limits / my voice has no end

Emel in her song Souty

Since her debut on the international scene in 2012 with her album Kelmti Horra, Emel has always offered music that involves listeners with intensity and has been a true soundtrack to revolutions. The song Kelmti Horra became an anthem for the 2011 Jasmine Revolution and the subsequent Arab Spring uprisings. Emel has also performed the song at the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony 2015.

April 2024 will see the release of Emel’s MRA, a danceable, powerful and feminist album. The album will have influences from hip hop, pop, reggaeton and rap. The album name MRA means “woman” in Arabic, and it was written and produced exclusively by and with women. With MRA, Emel wants to create a movement of tired but tireless women.

Despite the threatening awfulness of the world and its violence, let’s fight on. And never forget to do it together, by dancing, says Emel.

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