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Photo: European Union.

European Union


Joint information stand of the European Parliament Liaison Office in Finland and the European Commission Representation in Finland.

The European Parliament Liaison Office in Helsinki shares information about the Parliament’s activities, Members and decisions as well as current issues, such as the EU elections that will be held on 9 June2024. Important target groups are e.g. media, schools and other educational institutions, researchers, authorities and organizations. The office also serves individual citizens. All services and materials are free. The office also organizes seminars and other events related to Parliament’s activities or current EU issues. You can get more information about the events by subscribing to the weekly newsletter by sending a message to .

The European Commission Representation in Finland informs about the activities of the European Union and their impact in Finland, acts as a source of information on the EU for the Finnish Government, authorities and other bodies, and provides Finnish media and citizensinformation on the EU’s activities and decisions. It also acts as the representative of the European Commission in Finland and reports on important political, economic and social developments in Finland to the Commission.

In addition, there are 9 Europe Direct Information Points in Finland, which act as a direct channel between citizens and the EU institutions. They provide information and publications on EU policies and EU citizens’ rights and organise events locally.