• European Union

    Exhibitors Tents

    Joint information stand of the European Parliament Liaison Office in Finland and the European Commission […]

  • Aalto University Junior

    Kids' Corner

    Aalto University Junior offers a sneak peek to the world of higher education to children […]

  • City of Imatra

    Exhibitors Tents

    Imatra is a special place, practically a miracle. Located in the heartlands of Karelia, the […]

  • Embassy of Tunisia

    Exhibitors Tents

    An introduction to Tunisia as a tourist destination, Tunisian handicrafts and gastronomy, and tasting of […]

  • Helsingin Maalariammattikoulu

    Market of Possibilities

    Helsingin Maalariammattikouluis a private vocational school for painting, floor laying, decorating and restoration work. The […]

  • Helsinki City Library

    Kids' Corner

    The Helsinki City Library is part of the festival fun! The mobile library Stoori pulls […]

  • Helsinki Police Department

    Exhibitors Tents

    Helsinki Police Department /Field Operations and Preventive Policing The Helsinki Police Department is here for […]

  • Humak

    Exhibitors Tents

    Humak University of Applied Sciences is a national university of applied sciences that operates everywhere […]

  • Interreg Central Baltic

    Books and Recycling World

    Interreg Central Baltic funds high-quality projects in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Sweden to tackle common […]

  • Keuda

    Exhibitors Tents

    Keski-Uudenmaan koulutuskuntayhtymä Keuda on yksi Suomen suurimpia nuorten ja aikuisten ammatillisen koulutuksen järjestäjiä. Keuda palvelee […]

  • Otava Folk High School

    Market of Possibilities

    In Otava, there are Comprehensive School Programmes, Upper Secondary School (both for adults and available […]

  • Research Council of Finland

    Exhibitors Tents

    The Stand of the Research Council of Finland presents research projects of the DEVELOP and […]

  • Savoy Theatre

    Market of Possibilities

    Savoy Theatre & Espa Stage The Savoy Theatre is a guest stage for international performers […]

  • Yliopisto Magazine

    Market of Possibilities

    Yliopisto Magazine / University of Helsinki Yliopisto Magazine is published by University on Helsinki. Pick […]