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Humak University of Applied Sciences is a national university of applied sciences that operates everywhere in Finland. Humak has 2,200 degree students and about 170 experts in various positions. In just over 25 years, 5,700 experts in their fields have graduated from Humak. The core of our strategy is to strengthen the expertise of our fields through training, RDI activities and services.

Our offices are located in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area (Helsinki and Kauniainen), Jyväskylä, Kuopio, Tampere and Turku. Thanks to our extensive online training, we offer degree-leading training in practice throughout Finland.

Building Competence
The core of Humak’s strategy is to build competence. This means strengthening the skills with which we can create social impact.

It is done through:
– RDI activities
– Developing the competence of our community
– Strengthening the competence of individuals and our own staff, so that they can better benefit the building of competence within our community and thereby create social impact within our areas of expertise.

Humak’s mission has not changed in decades. The focus areas that served as the basis for our founding still form the core of our operations. Their applicability to new operating environments has also expanded our scope. We are now a part of creating entirely new operating environments.

Focusing on new industries and new environments has strengthened and expanded our expertise and made our market area wider. We are no longer dependent on traditional industries.

We want to produce know-how together with others. We want to ally with partners who have the same interest in developing expertise. We want to be involved in various professional communities by bringing the so-called the missing piece needed to address various societal challenges.