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Research Council of Finland


The Stand of the Research Council of Finland presents research projects of the DEVELOP and DEVELOP2 Academy programmes that are jointly funded by the Research Council and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland.

The projects in Africa, Asia, and Latin America represent multidisciplinary, phenomenon-driven and problem-based research that targets global development issues, helps boost economic, social and ecological development in developing countries and makes good use of Finnish knowledge and expertise in the field.

DEVELOP and DEVELOP2 strengthen the research capacity of developing countries by funding projects that support long-term equal partnerships and research cooperation between researchers and universities in Finland and the target countries.

The DEVELOP programmes have three themes:
• sustainable economy in developing countries (digitalisation, jobs, livelihoods, decent work, international trade)
• creating a more efficient society (welfare, health, human rights, high-quality education)
• food security, biodiversity, environmental health and sustainable management and use of natural resources.

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