Fingo's tent at the World in the Village festival.
Photo: Camilla Hanhirova.

Fingo – Finnish Development NGOs


Fingo is the umbrella organisation of almost 260 Finnish civil society organisations (CSOs) that reduces inequality in the world and thus promotes sustainable development. At Fingo’s stand you can reflect on you navigation skills in the waves of uncertainty and find your own strengths. You can also grab the latest issue of Maailman Kuvalehti and a sweet surprise that embodies the goals of sustainable development that are important for you.

Our members work with development cooperation, sustainable development and global citizenship education in Finland and abroad. We all share a dream – we want to make the world just and sustainable, for everyone. We are committed to leaving no one behind, discriminating against or being wounded. We believe that each of us can influence the future today. That’s why we’re working together to find solutions and drive change that reduces inequality in the world.

What do we do?

Fingo communicates, influences, educates, brings people together and encourages action.

  • We strengthen the competence and operating conditions of organisations through training, counselling, working groups and learning materials.
    We bring our members together, create opportunities for collaboration and learning, find solutions together and create partnerships.
  • We influence political decision-making to reduce inequality and realise human rights. At the core of our advocacy work are strengthening development policy and funding,
    defending the space of civil society and consistently promoting sustainable development.
  • We communicate about the global dismantling of inequality and the results of our member organisations work around the world. We produce publications and carry out events.
  • We challenge decision-makers to act and inspire and encourage individuals and communities to participate in building a sustainable future.