Graphic image of Kattilahalli building.

Finnish Hostel Association


The Finnish Hostel Association is a non-profit organization for hostel operations and its network includes over 50 hostels all over Finland. The Finnish Hostel Association has nearly 30 member associations, whose members will receive a 10% discount on accommodation in Finland.

The Finnish Hostel Association and its network of hostels are part of the global Hostelling International (HI) network, which offers about 3000 hostels in nearly 60 countries worldwide.

With a hostel card, you can save on accommodation. Depending on whether you are traveling only in Finland or also abroad, you can choose between the Domestic Hostel Card or the International Hostel Card. With both cards, you receive a 10% accommodation discount at our network hostels in Finland, as well as travel tips and information on unique accommodation options, along with several other hostel card benefits in Finland.

With the International Hostel Card, you also get these benefits abroad at Hostelling International (HI) hostels and many other international hostel card benefits.