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Finnish-Namibian Society


Books and handicrafts from Namibia. We present 155 years of Finnish-Namibian friendship and cooperation. This year our society celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Finnish-Namibian Society is a friendship association founded on 29 November 1974. Its purpose is to act as a friendship association between Finns and Namibians and to support mutual interaction in the social, economic, and cultural fields. Its mission is to continue and develop the long tradition of cooperation between Finland and Namibia.

A key objective is to maintain and increase knowledge of Namibia in Finland. Every year we publish four member newsletters, which inform about the activities of the society and current issues related to Namibia. One issue of the newsletter is published in connection with the Travel Fair in January, which presents Namibia as a tourist destination. We promote interaction between Finns and Namibians in Finland.

The society has organised “FinNam Club” activities for Namibian young people and families with children living in Finland. We have over 500 members. They benefit from our extensive networks in Namibia. We actively cooperate with other organisations and actors in Finland and Namibia. Important dates each year are Namibia’s Independence Day on 21 March and Namibia Heroes’ Day on 26 August. In 2024, our society’s activities will focus on the celebration of the 50th anniversary.