Graphic image of Kattilahalli building.



The mission of Herättäjä-Yhdistys is to support people to live as Christians (or to support Christians to become humans). Our values are hope, love, mercifulness. We vision ourselves as representing Christianity of vast grace and easy access.

Our main activity is prayer meeting of old hymns sung unaccompanied. They are organised in cooperation with Ev.-Luth parishes. We don’t have our own churches or worship communities. The confirmation schools on island Aholansaari in Savolax are supervised by the diocese of Kuopio.

We publish magazine Henki (Spirit) six times a year and Nuori Yty (magazine edited by the youth) three times a year. We run three student homes in Helsinki, Kuopio and Joensuu.

One of our favorite products is “körttipastillit”, peppermint, anis or licorice flavored sweets. They are produced in Finland. Another popular product are T-shirts with hymn verses (“Break the power of mammon”, “the light of grace will conquer” in the colors of rainbow, or “I am lost”). We also publish Finnish spiritual literature. The Hymns of Zion -book contains 255 hymns. The oldest are from 18th century and the latest from 2016 when the present collection was published.

The very latest product is the students’ overall badges, that approach the revival movement with a sense of humor. The participants in the youth work are often lonely or bullied people, who claim they found friends and acceptance within our activities. We support the LGBT++ rights within the church. We encourage people to be active in the society and influence in many different ways.