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Ukrainian Association in Finland


At the festival, you have a unique opportunity to enjoy red borscht soup cooked in the field kitchen. Borssia is served with sour cream and pampushka. Pampushka is a Ukrainian bun flavored with garlic oil.
In addition to borscht, the festival also offers other Ukrainian delicacies, such as potato pancakes draniki and honey cake.

The Association of Ukrainians in Finland (UYS) was founded in 1997 in Helsinki, and its goals are to unite and represent Ukrainians living in Finland and to preserve the achievements of Ukrainian culture.
The association has been delivering humanitarian aid to Ukraine since 2014, after Russia occupied the Crimean peninsula and part of eastern Ukraine. From 2022, after Russia started a full-scale war of aggression in Ukraine, the share of humanitarian aid became the association’s largest form of activity.
The proceeds from the sale during Maailma kylässä festival will be used for humanitarian aid for those suffering from the war in Ukraine.
The Association has two sales tents at the festival. The sales proceeds will be used for AMBULANCE FUNDRAISER, the operation of the Ukrainian Center and the Helsinki and Espoo Assistance Centers (helping Ukrainians who fled the war) and to support other humanitarian projects in Finland and Ukraine.