Two people are smiling at the camera.
Photo: Martiina Woodson.

YMCA Peace & Sport


The YMCA Peace and Sports Zone invites festival goers to play street football and do poetry in rap workshops! YMCA Finland, Helsinki YMCA Yökoris / Midnight Basketball and the YMCA Peacemakers youth are building a whole activity area for the World Village Festival. There will be sustainable development bingo, peace and love, hanging out in the lounge, as well as baby football and face painting for the little ones! The atmosphere will be set by our very own DJ!

A schedule of workshops and other programmes will be published later.

YMCA Finland works to promote young people’s well-being, empowerment, sustainable future, and peace.YMCA Finland is part of the global YMCA movement, which operates in 120 countries.

We implement our Youth, Peace and Livelihoods development cooperation programme with YMCA partners in Ethiopia, The Gambia, Kenya, Lebanon, Palestine, and Ukraine, and support regional cooperation of the YMCA’s African umbrella organisation. As part of our development cooperation programme, our Finnish local associations are implementing global education in youth work. The programme is funded by the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

YMCA Finland is a non-profit, non-partisan organisation. Our member associations in around 30 localities in Finland carry out youth work and offer recreational activities.