For exhibitors 2024

The World Village Festival for sustainable development will focus on environmental and climate issues as well as refugees and peace this spring. In addition to featuring music, talks and discussions, kids’ programme and art, the festival is also a trade fair for civil society organisations (CSOs) and sustainable development where hundreds of organisations showcase their activities for a better world and sell ethically produced goods and food from around the world. On this page, we gather useful information for exhibitors participating in Maailma kylässä 2024, including guidelines related to tents, food tickets, and invoicing.

Table of contents:
Tents and safety
Use of liquefied gas and fire extinguishers (Food vendors)
Participation terms and invoicing
Information on food tickets
Networking Space Magito
Discrimination-free festival
Prohibited Items and Substances

Social media

We have created online banners that program partners and exhibitors can use to announce their participation in the festival. These banners can be placed on websites, social media, or even in print publications. You can also utilize the festival logo in your event-related communications. Banners and logos can be downloaded from here: MK Banners and Logos for Stakeholders

Own tents and safety

As event organizers, we take the safety of the audience seriously and adhere to the guidelines and regulations provided by authorities. You can find a directive on the use of tent structures at public events prepared by the rescue authorities and Tukes (Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency) at this link. As event organizers, we require exhibitors and food vendors to comply with its content.

Suvilahti can be a windy place, and there will be thousands of people on the festival grounds simultaneously. Thank you for caring about the safety of others. We have compiled some safety guidelines that apply to all exhibitors and food vendors.

  1. The tent must be suitable for the event.
    Only tents suitable for public events and intended for such use should be used at the festival. Tents intended for consumer use (such as garden canopies or other lightweight structures) are not allowed on the premises. The four legs of the tent and the roof structure must be securely attached to the tent frame. For example, a tarpaulin rigged as a canopy is not suitable for the festival. An exhibitor participating with their own tent is responsible for ensuring the suitability of their tent for public events. The exhibitor is obliged to confirm the purpose and classifications of their tent from the manufacturer’s instructions.

  2. Weights
    We require that each exhibitor reserves a sufficient number of weights to ensure the safe anchoring of their tent in all conditions (if the tent is ordered through the festival, the festival will take care of the necessary weights). The required weight depends on the wind surface area of the tent, which is dependent on the number of wall elements and the prevailing wind conditions. Generally, for tents under 3m x 3m, a recommendation is 15kg/foot, and for 4m x 4m tents, the weight should be doubled. However, the final required weight depends on the prevailing conditions. The use of ground pegs to secure tents in Suvilahti is prohibited according to the landowner’s conditions. The used weights must also be properly secured.

  3. Securing weights
    The safety of the tent is greatly influenced by how the weights are secured to the tent. An exhibitor participating with their own tent is responsible for the tent’s adequately secure anchoring in all conditions. The weights used in the tent must be intended for securing the tent and in accordance with the tent manufacturer’s instructions. Natural stones or water canisters, for example, cannot be used as weights. The weights must be structurally lockable or, for example, tied to the tent with a load strap and shackle. Open loops, S-hooks, or knots may come loose and are not a sufficient means of securely fastening structures. See examples of weight placement here.

  4. Other decorations for the booth
    The structures, decorations, or furnishings of the booth must not jeopardize or hinder the movement of the audience. The festival may instruct to remove items such as balloons, banners, and other lightweight structures if, for example, strong winds pose safety risks. Please also consider during the night that you do not leave loose decorations at the mercy of the wind.

  5. Safety of the audience, artists, other exhibitors, and festival staff is paramount
    Users of tents are responsible for ensuring that their use does not pose a danger to those working in the tent, those visiting the tent, or bystanders. Fingo or their representative has the right to prohibit the use of a dangerous or unsuitable structure, decoration, or device. The festival has the right to interrupt presentation, sales, or similar activities on the festival grounds and unilaterally remove the exhibitor if it poses a danger to other parties. The festival monitors prevailing conditions and informs participants of any necessary changes.

Use of liquefied gas and fire extinguishers (food vendors)

‘The use of liquefied gas must be reported during registration. The devices must have CE marking, and the liquefied gas hoses must meet the required regulations. Only liquefied gas cylinders with a maximum weight of 11 kg are allowed at the event. The sales point may have a maximum of 25 kg of liquefied gas. Liquefied gas cylinders must be connected to consumption devices. Storage of gas cylinders at the point of sale is prohibited. Food vendors are responsible for their own initial firefighting equipment (fire extinguisher and fire blanket) at their sales point.

Participation terms and invoicing

Festival opening hours:
Saturday, May 25, 2024, from 11 am to 9 pm
Sunday, May 26, 2024, from 11 am to 7 pm

Exhibitors cannot transfer their space to a third party, and no third party can occupy the designated space (without prior written agreement).

You have read and accepted the terms and Conditions for Exhibitors and Participants during the registration process. However, we recommend carefully reviewing the participation terms once again. You have the right to cancel your participation free of charge within seven (7) days of receiving the confirmation message. Confirmation messages for small spaces will be sent in March. Cancellations must always be made in writing in accordance with the cancellation conditions specified in the participation terms. Failure to pay the invoice is not a sufficient measure for cancellation.

The invoice must be paid before entering the festival. Paid space fees will be verified before the start of the festival. Invoicing will commence in April at the latest.

Food may only be sold at points designated for food sales. However, at exhibitor points not designated for food sales, it is possible to serve coffee, tea, and individually packaged food items such as cookies and candies. As a sustainable development festival, please note that all coffee cups and serving containers must be biodegradable.

Every sold item requires the exhibitor to provide a receipt to the customer if needed. If receipts are not generated directly from the cash register or payment terminal, hand-written receipt books are available at most office supply and bookstores.

With over 200 exhibitors on the premises, fundraising, material distribution, and all other activities must occur within the boundaries of your designated presentation area (unless otherwise agreed in writing). Any program or presentation at your designated space must not disturb neighbors; therefore, audio equipment and performing groups should be left at home.

The allocated space at the Kattilahalli – Market of Possibilities includes one table and one chair (table size approximately 180cmx80cm or 183cmx75cm).

Information about food tickets

The exhibitors at the World Village festival, as well as other partners, are offered the opportunity to pre-order food tickets for the festival weekend. These tickets can be distributed to employees, volunteers, or collaborators. The food tickets are valid at approximately 30 food sales points throughout the festival area. Tickets are sold in sets of 10, and one set costs €110. You can order tickets here, 8th of May the latest.

Networking space Magito

Magito Networking Space is a new meeting point in the heart of the festival. Magito provides an excellent venue for meetings, coffee breaks, and relaxation during the festival buzz. Access to Magito is granted to the festival’s main partners, content and program collaborators, entities with large exhibition spaces, representatives of Fingo member organizations, festival performers, and invited guests.

If you are interested in organizing meetings for your partners in the Magito space during the festival, please contact Sara Levänen at

Discrimination-free festival

World Village Festival is a discrimination-free zone committed to promoting principles of equality, justice, and fairness. Everyone is welcome to the festival as their authentic selves, and we do not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment. As exhibitors play a significant role in the festival, we expect exhibitors to also uphold these values. For more information about the discrimination-free festival, please visit the festival’s website.

Anti-discrimination area logo. The logo has a blue background and a circle shape. The logo says in text: Syrjinnästä vapaa alue -  discrimintion free zone.

Information about the accessibility of the festival area can be found on our website.

Prohibited Items & substances

To ensure the general safety of World Village Festival, it is important to note that it is strictly prohibited to distribute, sell, or display alcohol, narcotics, tobacco, weapons, paraphernalia related to substance use, and other illegal or illicitly produced substances or items on the festival grounds. In accordance with the festival’s ecological principles, it is also prohibited to distribute, sell, or raffle plastic or similar “trinkets.”

Thank you for boldly joining us in making a difference in the world together!