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Become an exhibitor – registration now open

The spring 2023 World Village Festival takes place during the last weekend of May (27–28 May 2023) at Suvilahti, Helsinki. This time the theme is Force for Change! After a long wait, this major sustainable development event will be back in its full form and scale: a diverse, two-day festival for everyone, bringing together hundreds of exhibitors and vendors, dozens of programme items from talks to music and tens of thousands of people for a weekend of unique festival atmosphere.

World Village Festival is an event where hundreds of organisations showcase their activities, values or products as exhibitors, partners or advertisers. There are exhibitor spaces available from small table stands to large spaces to set up your own tent. There are also several partnership opportunities. For example, see the content cooperation options.

The festival is also looking for dozens of food vendors to sell dishes from around the world that are delicious and as ecological as possible, as well as bazaar vendors to sell Finnish as well as international ethically produced crafts and design products. Read more about how to apply for a food vendor space and about other exhibitor options.

Early Bird discount until 22 December

To see the World Village Festival price list, tentative site map, terms and conditions for participants and advertising space media kits, visit the festival website. The festival magazine will be published on Saturday 20 May 2023 as an insert in the Helsingin Sanomat newspaper, with the number of copies distributed totalling 103,000. The on-site screens will provide an excellent reach of tens of thousands of festivalgoers over the weekend. Exhibitors and partners will receive a 40% discount on advertising space and all those signing up by 22 December will get a 5% Early Bird discount on exhibitor and vendor spaces.

To sign up as an exhibitor or to reserve advertising space, use the sign-up register on the festival website. Read more and sign up!

Theme: Force for Change!

Inequalities and injustices are increasing. Human rights are being violated and restrictions are being placed on free civil society actors. The challenge posed by climate change to humanity is growing bigger every day. It will take all of us to reverse the unsustainable course that our planet is on. We believe that we can do it, but only as a united force acting together. World Village Festival will bring individuals and communities interested in the Earth’s future together for solutions and actions in May 2023. Join in to change the word and to create a collective force for change!

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More information
Exhibitors: Maria Hopponen, maria.hopponen@fingo.fi, +358 50 317 6742
Cooperation: Marjo Martin, marjo.martin@fingo.fi, +358 50 317 6694
Programme: Johanna Eurakoski, johanna.eurakoski@fingo.fi, +358 50 317 6696
Communications: Nelli Korpi, nelli.korpi@fingo.fi, +358 50 317 6698

World Village Festival is Finland’s leading event for global action for the whole family, an admission free cultural festival-, and a trade fair for sustainable development. The event will be organised in the Suvilahti event venue, Helsinki, in 27–28 May 2023 with Force for Change! as the theme. The main organiser is Finnish Development NGOs Fingo.