Five men dressed in black in front of a green background.
Don Johnson Big Band. Photo: Kerttu Malinen.

Don Johnson Big Band

Sa 25.5.2024 13.15-14.15
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Pioneers of Finnish rhythm music, Don Johnson Big Band are coming to World Village Festival having just released their latest album, Midnight Movement. Their unique sound blends influences from a variety of genres such as rap and pop to funk and from rock via electronic music to jazz.

Last autumn, the band celebrated the 20th anniversary of their classic album Breaking Daylight with a series of sold-out gigs. The Helsingin Sanomat critic wrote that the fun-filled anniversary gigs made the tracks “sound even better live than the original album”.

Don Johnson Big Band already gained nationwide recognition with their debut album, Support de Microphones. With flowers on the cover, the album turned out to become one of the best-selling self-published albums in Finland and considered so important that Svart Records made a special anniversary repress 20 years after the initial release. Over the years, the band’s albums have topped the Finnish albums chart twice, sold gold as well as platinum, and won three Emma Awards.

The band are pleased to perform at the traditional sustainable development festival.

Don Johnson Big Band’s values have always self-evidently included defending equality, human rights and peace. The world needs more international solidarity and less boundaries increasing inequalities.

Tommy Lindgren, vocalist and campaign coordinator at the Finnish League for Human Rights

In addition to Lindgren, the band members are Johannes Laiho, Kari Saarilahti, Felix Zenger and Pekka Mikkonen. 

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