A portrait of Dub FX.
Photo: Django Music.

Dub FX feat. Mr. Woodnote

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To be seen for the first time in Finland, one of the headliners of the 2024 World Village Festival is Dub FX, who will take the stage with Mr. Woodnote. Creator of his original live looping style, this Australian artist has sold more than a hundred thousand records, rocked major festivals all over the world and racked up more than 150 million YouTube views.

Dub FX’s performances are based on layered pieces of music created in real time using a loop machine and an FX pedal and featuring soundscapes, beatboxing and singing. Mixing genres going from jazz, reggae, hip-hop and samba to drum n bass and dubstep, Dub FX wants to project positivity and self-empowerment through his lyrics:

– I decided long ago that I want to project positivity to the world. I can do this through inspiring people with conscious lyrical content that people can associate with.

Born in Melbourne, Australia, in 2006 Benjamin Stanford aka Dub FX set off to Europe with a simple plan; live in a van, travel the world and street perform. His endless street performances captured the audiences and catapulted him through social media into a mega success. He is regarded as a pioneer of live looping, with many artists in the genre naming him as their inspiration. He has released six studio albums, one remix album and one live collection.

Mr Woodnote is a prolific collaborator best known for his work with Dub FX, The Allergies, Eva Lazarus & Lil Rhys. Having gained worldwide recognition for his virtuosity on the saxophone from films such as Dub FX – Flow, Supernova Pilot, Fire Everyday and recorded four albums of his own.

A photo of Dub FX and Mr. Woodnote performing.
Photo: David Rutherford