Six women in colorful clothes walking hand in hand, smiling.
Las Karamba. Photo: Alan Nart.

Las Karamba (ES-VE-CU-AR)

Su 26.5.2024 17.45-18.45
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Las Karamba’s music is a mix of traditional styles such as son, cha-cha-cha and salsa with urban music and a bit of samba and rumba. Members of this massively multicultural group come from Spain, Venezuela, Cuba and Argentina. Las Karamba’s captivating music celebrates diversity and unity. Be prepared for an electric show and highly danceable songs!

The band are inspired by women of previous generations who fought for equality and women’s rights. They want to show how women can empower and help each other.

We want to be the voice of all those women who, throughout history, had to remain silent but now want their voice to be heard.

Las Karamba

Las Karamba released their first album Camino Así (‘I Walk Like This’) (Guspira Records) in 2021. The album tells the stories of marginalised women and encourages to break free from the chains of society’s norms. According to Las Karamba, their second album will be out by the end of the year.

Founded in 2018 and made up of six women, the band quickly became a prominent figure of the Spanish music scene. In 2023, Las Karamba went around Europe on their La Humanidad tour themed on humanity and the energy of love. The band consists of Ahyvin Bruno (vocals and güiro), Rita Baulida (percussion and pailas), Ahylin Bruno (congas), Liviet Ojeda (bass guitar), Natasha Arizu (keyboards) and Anggie Obin (flute).

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