Flood damage in Cambodia. Photo: M'Lup Russey.

Interview with Julius Mbatia: Tackling climate damage

Su 26.5.2024 13.15-13.40
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Loss and damage caused by global warming are inevitable. People are losing their arable land, water reserves and even lives. These tragedies can, however, still be prevented.

Kenyan Julius Mbatia, global climate justice manager at ACT Alliance knows about climate damage and ways of addressing it at grass-roots level. He also negotiates on these at the highest political level in the UN climate negotiations. In the interview he will share new research findings and describe, through examples, how local action can help people to prepare for the damage, survive at the moment of crisis and rebuild even more functional communities afterwards.

The interview also discusses how political liability and justice are realised in the context of compensation for climate damage. Western countries are largely responsible for the destruction, but how can it be ensured that the newly established climate damage fund does not remain just a symbolic gesture and that the polluting countries bear their responsibility?

Mbatia will be interviewed by Felm Advocacy specialist and Docent on nature policy Niko Humalisto.

The programme will be in English. The programme will be available on-site at the Speaker’s stage and through live stream on the Festival website.

Climate change poses both a justice and existential threat with multiple loss and damage impacts risking complete destruction of societies, cultures and economies. The challenge at hand to address climate injustices and ruinous impacts demands sober and resolute political leadership with a rallying unwavering citizen and community pressure for systemic change.

Julius Mbatia

Julius Mbatia

Kenyan Julius Mbatia is an ardent environmentalist with an irrefutable zeal for climate justice. He is both an expert negotiator in the UNFCCC process for Kenya’s and the Africa Group official delegations. He also works as a climate programming specialist in ActAlliance.

Niko Humalisto

Niko Humalisto is an advocacy specialist for Felm, a docent on nature policiy and a researcher dedicated to enabling just transition for all.