Portrait of Antti Autio.
Antti Autio. Photo: Liina-Aalto-Setälä.

Antti Autio

Su 26.5.2024 11.15-12.15
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Radio Helsinki

Singer-songwriter Antti Autio’s folksy pop-rock combines a sincere romantic vibe with angst over the state of the world. He speaks to his audience through his wistful lyrics, skilled rendition and meandering guitar. Autio’s songs have clocked in more than 15 million Spotify listens. 

Out in February, his latest album, Täällä sinua kaivataan (Soit Se Silti, 2024), delves deep into big themes such as love, loss, childhood and death. The album was a collaborative effort with visual artist Raana Lehtinen, whose oil painting Sarastus (‘Dawn’) was commissioned for the album, and all of the album’s tracks were created around the painting.

Autio’s critically acclaimed albums Minä tuon mukanani sateet (Soit Se Silti, 2017), Pihalla tuulee taas (Soit Se Silti, 2019) and Kaikki talot huojuu (Soit Se Silti, 2022) have bolstered his role as a solid influencer in the Finnish music scene.

Autio and his band have charmed the crowds around Finland at their sold-out gigs full of atmosphere as well as at numerous festivals, including big main-stage appearances. In addition to Autio (vocals, guitar), the band comprises Ella Rosenlund (backing vocals, keyboard, rhythm egg), Joel Parvamo (electric guitar), Jussi Liukkonen (backing vocals, bass guitar) and Joska Saarinen (drums).

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