A band of six people with instruments in front of a yellow background.
Puerto Candelaria. Photo: Lucho Escobar.

Puerto Candelaria (CO)

Sa 25.5.2024 17.30-18.30
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Colombian Grammy-winner Puerto Candelaria’s music has sounds of cumbia, rock, jazz, and ska. The six-person group have also created two new genres: Colombian jazz and cumbia underground. In their performances music is joined by humour and irony, and on stage each band member assumes a colourful alter ego.

The multiartistic band was born in 2000 when a friend group of music students were reflecting on the meaning of Colombian music and the Colombian identity. Puerto Candelaria have since developed into one of the most significant international influencers in new Colombian music. The band is led by Juancho Valencia, a three-time winner of the Latin Grammy awards and multi-skilled artist in the Colombian music scene whose compositions have been heard in contexts such as Netflix productions.

The band is committed to the environment and sustainability.

Music is a social tool for building a better world, and that includes taking care of the planet.

Juancho Valencia

Puerto Candelaria have released a total of nine albums, of which the sixth, Yo Me Llamo Cumbia (Merlín Producciones, 2019), won the Latin Grammy Award for Best Cumbia/Vallenato Album in 2019.

Puerto Candelaria have toured the world for the past two decades to perform at festivals and on tours of their own. The concert at World Village Festival will be the first of its kind in Finland! In addition to Juancho Valencia (piano), the band members are Catalina Calle (vocals), Eduardo González (bass), Didier Martínez (drums), Juan Esteban Rúa (trombone), and Lucas Tobón (sax).

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