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Theme of Festival 2022 is “The boundaries of our planet” – join us as a programme partner or exhibitor

Next year’s World Village Festival takes place on 28–29 May in Suvilahti, Helsinki. The theme of the festival is “The boundaries of our planet”. The programme application for the festival has been opened, and the pricing for exhibitors and preliminary festival site map have been published. We recommend you mark the festival dates on your calendar and start planning for your participation.

Planet Earth has its boundaries. The wellbeing of the environment, people and the economy are entirely dependent on the kind of decisions we make now internationally, in Finland and on different levels of the society. Declining biodiversity, changing climate, population growth, increasing inequality, growing migration flows and overconsumption are forcing decision makers, authorities, companies, communities and individuals to work together. Finding solutions to these challenges is essential for the future of the planet and of humankind.

World Village Festival 2022 is about searching for large-scale and small-scale solutions for living a more sustainable life within the limits of our planet. What is the change we need to secure sustainable living conditions for everyone in the future? What role can you play in creating this change?

Open call -programme application is open!

Open call -programme application is for programme partners who produce programme numbers linked to the festival theme. Programme partners will be visibly displayed through their programme and have an excellent access to reaching the audience and showcasing their own messages in an impactful manner.

The factual programme application is for speeches, interviews, films and discussions related to these programme numbers. The programme time is limited, so only carefully selected programme numbers that are clearly linked to the festival theme can be included. The Speaker’s Stage programme will be streamed online. Applications for factual programme numbers can be submitted until 22 November 2021.

Organizations can also suggest kids’ programme, exhibitions, workshops, performances and other cultural programme numbers that are linked to the festival theme. Applications for cultural programme numbers can be submitted until 15 January 2022.

Read more about programme cooperation and apply to become a programme partner.

Participate in the Show-stopping speech -webinar

The Show-stopping speech -webinar is meant for NGOs and other organisations, and it focuses on the process of planning a speech programme number for World Village Festival. The festival’s Programme

Manager Johanna Eurakoski will discuss the festival’s speech programme concept, and speaking coach Kaisa Osola will share her tips and advice on how to craft a show-stopping speech performance. Welcome to the webinar on Tuesday, 12 October, at 9.30-11.00. (This event will be held in Finnish.) Please sign up by Friday, 8 October.

Start planning your participation at the exhibitor fair

World Village is a large-scale event focused on sustainable development and global topics, where everyone wants to be present. Exhibitors and advertisers reach thousands of people through the festival, who are interested in global responsibility, international issues, NGO work and ethical consumption. Now that the pricing and preliminary festival site map have been published, it’s time to start planning for your participation at next year’s festival. You can find more information on the website for exhibitors and partners.

The signup form for becoming an exhibitor opens on 11 November 2021 and closes on 22 February 2022. Keep in mind the Early Bird -discount for those who sign up by 21 December 2021! Please note that the exhibitor registrations made for 2021 will automatically be transferred to 2022. We will contact those who have registered separately.

Contact us for more information.